This is a selection of projects that I have worked on as an (under-)graduate student or during my free time. For an overview of my research activities, please see my research page.

Tech Projects

Winter 2021/2022

Air Quality Monitoring


Building my own air quality monitoring solution based on the AirGradient DIY Kit in combination with Home Assistant and ESPHome.

Summer 2020

Web DevelopmentBranding

I took the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to teach myself web development by designing and implementing my own website.

Spring 2019


Reinforcement LearningPython

Exploring different ways to improve reinforcement learning performance on games with large state and action spaces like Rummikub.

Fall 2017 — Summer 2018

Reporting with Power BI

Power BIDAXPower Query

Using the Microsoft business intelligence stack to redesign and automate financial reporting for a business unit at Bosch North America.

Spring & Summer 2015


Game DevelopmentJava

Reimaging the game classic Pac-Man with a plugin-based software architecture using the Eleanor framework from TU Braunschweig.

Business Projects

Summer 2019

Innovation Workshop


I lead a team of 12 students to advise a Berlin-based mail company on a new strategy for their business customer portal.

Spring & Summer 2017

Blockchain Practicality Assessment

ConsultingBlockchain Technology

A framework to help leaders evaluate the potential of Blockchain technology for business processes.